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A ‘hyperharmonically’ playlist where you feel the future, the unheard & the fascinating

Marc Romboy Selects

2 months ago

The legendary Marc Romboy compiled a playlist for us to look forward to: "So this is what I would call a playlist to listen ‘hyperharmonically’. Music where you feel the future, the unheard, the fascinating which let´s your skin turn into goosebumps. It took my a pretty long time to compile this list. Every single track is currently a soundtrack to my life, on the plane, on the bike, while I walk through the forest. It gives me infinite power.”

Marc Romboy is an artist renowned within the electronic scene for his eclectic, boundary-pushing approach and decades worth of experience working both behind the scenes and behind the decks.

He founded the ’Le Petit Prince’ imprint in 1993 as a platform for the music of friends he was playing out, which went on to be named Label Of The Year by various German electronic music publications the following year. Its reputation led Marc into collaborating with other DJs to manage their labels too. 2004 was a landmark year for the artist, with the beginning of his own, completely self-run label Systematic. Since it's birth, the label has provided a home for productions from the likes of Robert Hood, Kenny Larkin, Omar-S, Terrence Parker, Timo Maas, kINK and many more. 

After having been invited to collaborate on Debussy performances with the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra, Marc met and befriended their director, Miki Kekenj. “I told him I’d like to collaborate on a project”, Marc remembers. Kekeni was interested in the idea but unsure of how to proceed. “I told him - we’ll do it like electronic music friends. I’ll record a demo and you can figure out if you can add something to it. Classical musicians are not accustomed to simply improvising. This was an inspiration for Miki.”

The result was ‘Voyage de la Planète’, Marc’s forward-thinking new album that was released on March 17th on his newly launched label, Hyperharmonic. Pushing the boundaries between classical and electronic music, it makes for a moving , atmospheric outing for the producer - “I feel like there are still a couple of beautiful sounds to create”
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