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A musical trip through some of their major inspirational sources

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2 months ago

Italian based trio Agents Of Time just launched their own imprint “Obscura” with a four track EP. To celebrate the occasion, they're sharing iconic songs that have inspired them the most:

"Well, it could be seen as a kind of imaginary soundtrack or musical trip through some of the major inspirational sources of Agents of Time. Crucially, it is also in perfect resonance with the typical sonic signature of our latest release: the EP “Day One”. The playlist, a mix of older and newer tracks, mainly exhibits a futurist and cosmic techno aesthetic, with a few wanderings or excursions into experimental, ethereal and ambient musical territories and even reminiscences of synth disco or indie electronic pop music, but always featuring complex patterns of rhythm and subtle hypnotic melodies. 

This selection pays tribute to pioneers of electronic music (of the eighties, but also the seventies as Kraftwerk) and artists who stand out by their authentic devotion to the immediacy of analog instruments and real-time play (such as Autechre, Aphex Twin, Matthew Johnson or Dopplereffekt and more). The playlist reflects on how we envisage our artistic engagement, both on stage and in the studio. We try to combine the demand for dance floor techno with a creative process based on artistic freedom, attention to detail and a forward-thinking vision that refuses the standard formatting of purely digital composition."

Five highlights

Model 500 - Night Drive
“Night Drive" is a mid-'80s pure robo-funk track from Model 500, a moniker for Detroit techno originator Juan Atkins. With its robotic beats and creepy vocoder vocals, it is a prime electro classic that influenced a generation and laid the foundations of techno.

Mathew Jonson - Marionette 
This beautiful and intense track combines a great contemplative spirit with evolving sequence of melancholic techno. Of course is from where everything started. Mathew Jonson, our inspiration. That’s how we also came up with our Band Name. We “stole it” from his album “Agents Of Time”, that’s where also our favorite version of Marionette is.

The Chase - Giorgio Moroder
Although originally branded as a disco piece, "Chase", the instrumental theme from the movie Midnight Express composed by Italian producer Giorgio Moroder, is more rightly credited as the pioneering introduction of the hi-NRG genre or synth/electronic dance music, which came to prominence in the early 1980s.

Kraftwerk – Numbers
Taken from their 'Computer World' stunning album released in 1981, 'Numbers' is a classic in electronic music, combining experimental motorik beats with the sense of melodic trance that characterizes the spirit of this German band.

Dopplereffekt - Tetrahymena
With its clinical or sci-fi drum beat, amidst ethereal voices and Kraftwerkian synths, "Tetrahymena" features evocative retro-futurist flavors with a frosty and intriguing dark atmosphere.  

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